The brand Earproof has been founded in 2003. Its main focus laid with the music and entertainment industry. Laidback Luke was one of our first customers and after him, many other DJ’s followed. Earproof broke the taboo that rested on hearing protection is the music industry. The importance of protection was made public by Earproof. Since the company was founded we have been spreading the message on all sorts of festivals in Holland but also in Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. We provide information about the importance of your ears for a pleasant experience with music. How to take care of your ears, and how to make sure you can enjoy the music on the long term, we will explain everything.

From that moment on it became increasingly more common for DJ’s and musicians to protect their ears with our custom products. After DJ’s and musicians started wearing the earplugs many fans followed. We offer them generic reusable earplugs that contain a good filter. Earproof selects the best products and offers a large group of music enthusiasts a more comfortable way to enjoy the music of their favorite artists.

In 2006 Earproof came up with the dispensers to put capsules in filled with earplugs. From that moment on big events, podia, stadiums, and other venues where able to offer their customers good hearing protection at every visit. Because of the dispensers, a lot of people became more aware of their ears.

Cooperation with specialists

It often happens that we receive phone calls from customer with problems like chronic ear infections or Tinnitus (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinnitus). We can inform and help them with a fitting solution. However, sometimes it is best to visit a doctor. In that case, we offer the service to bring them in contact with the correct doctor or caregiver. Over the past years, we have built a solid team with ear specialists that have given us a lot of useful information. We started working together with the union of ENT doctors in 2008. We are working on the project PREVENT and since then we can offer our customers a treatment at  Launchpach, practice for osteopathy.

Conservatoria and music schools

Besides the growing interest of DJs, musicians and music enthusiasts we started noticing a growing interest from schools and conservatoria to teach and inform their students about the importance of your hearing and the possibilities to protect it. In 2009 we started working together with Codarts Rotterdam. We organize special classes for first-years to grow awareness. Every department needs a different approach, for instance, a pianist needs totally different information than a dancer. Earproof really tries to find the right approach for every department and help them protect their ears, now and in the future.

Hearing protection for children

Children have been very important for Earproof since day one. The first time we were present at a festival where there were a lot of parents with children we saw some kids recoil from the wall of sound that came towards them. This has been the moment Earproof thought of the oeHOE earmuff. When wearing the earmuff children can be more at ease at a festival because not all the extra incentives can reach them anymore. Besides wearing the earmuffs at festivals children can also use it whilst being at school for extra concentration.

New Earproof earplugs

After al those years of gathering information it became time to develop a new Earproof branded product. Today we present our very own brand Earproof earplugs with special music filters. These earplugs have been developed in the Netherlands based on innovation, technology, and a classy design. In 2016 we are very proud to present: Earproof junioor, Earproof silver 10db, Earproof platinum 15db and the Earproof gold 20db. They are pretty and high-quality earplugs provided with a unique music filter that satisfies our specifications when talking about comfort and music quality. Music will always have the centre position at Earproof, we just love it. We would like to know what you think of our new series. You can let us know through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.