Loud noises at coffee roasters

We met Michael van der Beijl from Giraffe Coffee Roasters a couple of years ago. On a sunny day he was delivering coffee @Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam. After his round he stepped into our office to inform about earplugs.

When Michael roasts coffee this produces a lot of noise, so much that his hearing can be damaged. Together with Peter from Earproof he went looking for the best earplugs. Michael tested a few different types of filters and preferred an earplug with a 20db filter. Now he can protect his ears optimally, but he also communicate with his colleagues.

In the below video you see, and hear Michael roasting coffee.

Now all staff at Giraffe Coffee Roasters protect their ears with Earproof earplugs. Comfortable during a day’s work but also usefull & important when they go to a concert or festival!

Depending on the loud sounds, duration of exposure, type of music and other factors, we recommend a damping between 15 and 25db. Or read our blogpost on choosing the right attenuation.

In our webshop you will find all types and sizes of earplugs. Our bestseller is the Earproof Dance 20db.

Mail or call us If you need personal advice.