Myths & Facts

We want to share some fun facts with you in our myths and facts campaign. If you have any questions about hearing, ears or ear protection yourself ask us and we will deal with in a Myths and Facts. [email protected] With the best questions you could win a set Earproof Concert 15db or Dance 20db earplugs with our new music filters.

How to take care of your ears

We brush our teeth on a daily basis, we protect our skin when we go into the sun. But how should we take care of our ears? For example, never use a Q-tip to remove the excess earwax from your ear canal. With the use of a Q-tip you will only push the excess earwax […]


How loud is too loud?

We love to listen to music. Why is that? When we listen to music our brain produces dopamines. That makes us feel really good and happy. And when we like something we want more of it and maybe in the case of music, we turn up the volume a bit? But how loud is too […]


10 tinnitus tips

We all experienced it once. After a good night out, concert or festival you leave and find out you have a beep in your ear. The sound has been too loud and your ear responds to this with a beep. Most of the time this beep disappears after a good night sleep. But sometimes the […]


How to insert your earplugs

You love music and like to dance. You don’t leave home without your earplugs. This is how you check if you wear them correctly. Do it with our 1,2,3 test for earplugs to check if they fit and function perfectly to protect your hearing. An earplug that does not fit properly, can not work properly […]


What is a good music filter?

It is indeed a myth long hair can muffle loud noise. The only way to properly protect your ears is by wearing earplugs with some good quality music filter. What is a good music filter? Filters used in earplugs can be divided into two main groups: noise block filters and membrane filters. The noise block […]