What is a good music filter?

It is indeed a myth long hair can muffle loud noise. The only way to properly protect your ears is by wearing earplugs
with some good quality music filter.

What is a good music filter?
Filters used in earplugs can be divided into two main groups: noise block filters and membrane filters. The noise block filters are all the same in structure, they consist of a tube with a tiny hole which tapers. The sound passes through this opening and in that way would create a flat musical damping. Everyone praises the flat music filters: flat filter technology. However, these are noise block pipes, filters that attenuate loud noise as much as possible in order to optimally protect your ears. Excellent to use these filters in earplugs for motorcyclists, construction workers and other applications where the sound source is loud on one frequency. The red noise block pipe of Earproof, which we use in custom earplugs as the Earproof Worker, Racer & Talker has an attenuation of 27dB, 27dB in the high frequencies, 25dB in the middle and 23dB in low. But listen to music with noise block filters? This requires earplugs that have a membrane filter, which help to keep your ears protected and let you experience music as beautiful as possible.


In Earproof earplugs we use high-quality membrane filters, music filters we call them. These are filters which are composed of a resonance chamber and a membrane. The membrane consists of fine wire mesh and approaches the operation of the eardrum in the ear. Membrane filters pick up various frequencies and pass this vibration to the eardrum, but with less pressure. Membrane filters create a flat frequency response. To stop sound is not difficult, the regulated transmission of sound such as membrane filters do is more complicated. All frequencies are attenuated evenly, that’s why these filters are suitable for wide frequency volumes so music sounds great and your ears are well protected. An example of an earplug with a high-quality music filter is the Earproof Platinum 15dB, 16dB attenuation in the high frequencies, in the middle 13dB and 11dB in the low frequencies. We invite you to test our new generation Earproof music filters yourself and let us know what you think of them.