Earplugs for surfers

Surfing is an amazing sport. To be able to enjoy surfing to the fullest it is sensible to protect your hearing. The crashing of the waves and whizzing of the wind can cause a very large amount of sound, by protecting your hearing and ears you can prevent a surfer’s ear.

We have special custom made surfer earplugs the Earproof Surfer and the generic Earproof Gold 20db can also be used as a surfer earplug. We have offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussel. If you have any questions or want to plan an appointment for measuring a custom set of Earproof surfer earplugs please contact us via: [email protected].

Earproof sponsors some very talented surfers like Roderick Pijls, Roy van Eijk and Kasper Hamminga, but also upcoming talents at the HSA with our earplugs.