Review surfoloog: Earproof has the best earplugs

The surfoloog, a Dutch surf blog wrote an extensive review on surfers earplugs and the dangers of Surfers ear, gave our Surfer earplugs a fantastic review.

Ronald the surfoloog on the custom Earproof surfer earplugs:

“Man, they ar expensive, but the are fantastic. You need get an impression from you ear (canal), but that is the reason why they are relatively expensive. 

It is quite a craftsmanship to make a good mold and then have the custom fit expression made.”

“I dare say with certainty that this is my favorite surf earplug of the moment.”

Earproof Surfer custom earplugs are earplugs that cover your ear canal and part of the auricle especially for surfers to protect the ears from water and the overwhelming sound of wind and waves.

They come with 5db or 20db filters. The 5db filters take away the wind and pressure of the waves and allow you to communicate with other surfers. The 20db filters take the wind and pressure from the waves away and you can also wear them as hearing protection at a festival or concert.

The Earproof Surfer is made of a special soft material that is comfortable to wear, floats on the water and includes a fixed cord.