Why would you protect your ears with high-quality earplugs?

The party is on. The volume is up. We’re all dancing and losing our minds. Standing in front of the stage, experiencing those sounds to the max. Feeling that vibration of sounds, boosting out of the speakers and flowing onto our bodies. Our ears are going nuts, enjoying the music. But those loud sounds keep coming and coming. We dance the night away, while ignoring our ears, isn’t that true? On some level we know our ears are hurting as they are fragile. And we do nothing about it, cuss the music is just too good…

Earproof’s goal is to provide everyone with good sounding earplugs. These earplugs are high quality and so you can still hear the pure sounds coming out of speakers, while protecting your ears. Earproof creates earplugs with highest quality and the lowest price possible as quality doesn’t always have to come at high costs. And this is for a great cause, your hearing! Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone forever, and it won’t come back. Once you hear a beep, hum or whistle after a party and then 24 hours a day, your daily life will be disturbed.

Insane in the membrane – insane in the brain

Since the beginning of Earproof, Earproof works with the best fabricants in the industry. The art of Earproof is finding ways of protecting your ears, while still letting sounds through. Thus, instead of blocking most sounds, you can still hear pure and natural sounds, but in a safe way. Most often earplugs are based on sound blockers that muffle the sound and you’re going to want to throw them out immediately. The earplugs of Earproof are based on membranes and mesh, combined with a resonant chamber which are very specialized and small. Earproof’s men located in Delft (TU Brains), are improving the product on a daily basis, and together they are succeeding!

  • The Rockit, Earproof’s entry level product, has a 15-dB damping for a price starting at a couple of euros. These are prices that are comparable to Chinese manufacturers with noise blockers. However, these plugs are no noise blockers, they are protectors and based in the Netherlands. It’s a no brainer! The Rockit has a basic damping and non-muffled sound, so you can experience sounds more purely and most importantly, more safely.
  • The Acoustic is especially for concerts and dance events, taking it one step further. The earplugs are comfortable and preserve incredible sound.
  • The standard series have the option of a 10-, 15– or 20-dB filter. Great quality for a good price.
  • If you want quality above and beyond, the pro series are the right match for you. With a 10-, 15- or 25-dB filter, double mesh and membrane, these earplugs give control in letting the right frequencies through, providing the optimal sound experience while protecting your ears.

Quality is becoming rare

Only the best and nothing less. That’s Earproof’s motto. Quality is becoming rare and most capital investors who are taking over the industry, are in it for the money. We stick to the first and most important part, educating & creating awareness, giving value for money while providing transparency; an honest product, preserving sounds while protecting your ears. Each filter is tested in the lab, and Earproof believes in protecting your ears in a sustainable way. Earproof is an eco-friendly company and so, with a few compromises, they strive to have eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable medical TPE. And wherever Earproof can, they implement new materials to stay ahead of the rest. Coming year, you will see more of this in our product line.

Once you find the right size, attenuation and function, you’ll hear the right frequencies in sound: pure, not muffled, and you will never want to leave your house without your earplugs.