I love my ears, so for the love of music and the love for ears we should give on Valentine’s day

Earproof gives two sets of earplugs for one in the webshop.

When I started the Earproof company I asked myself: “where would we be in music industry without our ears?” The answer is simple, nowhere. We need our ears to listen & consume sounds. Other important functionalities are directivity & balance. Without our ears we would not be able to walk straight up.

Up to and including the 14th of February you get two sets of earplugs for the price of one using couponcode two4one. This discount works on all our eaplugs like Rockits, Dance & Concert and PRO filters (black and platinum).

This is the day you show your love to your loved ones. What is a better gift than flowers or chocolate? Yes reusable earplugs with the higest audio-quality!