Happy ears!

Fireworks originated in the Far East, coming from China. Between 618 and 907 during the Tang Dynasty, fireworks were invented by a cook, according to tradition. The explosions were used in religious events to ward off evil spirits. After the discovery of gunpowder in the 13th century in China, fireworks quickly made their way to Europe. Firework displays were staged at many courts. Nowadays, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Europe with grand fireworks shows, from Paris to Rome. In the Netherlands, it’s a tradition to gather on the streets, raise a glass, and set off fireworks. At Earproof, we’re always working to save the ears of you and your friends. Even during the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations, we will be committed to protecting your ears!

Fireworks, it’s actually strange that these loud bangs on the streets are still allowed. The small firecrackers are relatively harmless, but the explosions meant to go off high in the sky can be extremely dangerous when improperly used on the ground! The blasts are so powerful that they can permanently damage your fingers, eyes, and ears. You don’t even have to light the fireworks yourself; often, it’s the bystanders who suffer injuries.

Ringing in my ear

At a young age, I had fireworks explode next to my ear. It was fun to throw the firecracker as late as possible so it would explode in the air. Unfortunately, this firecracker exploded right next to my right ear. The immediate effect was bizarre, a kind of numb feeling – suddenly no hearing but a ringing sound. My hearing returned later that day, however, 30 years later, I dreamed of an explosion at night and woke up in the morning with a huge ringing in my ear! You know the feeling, that ringing after a night out. The first few weeks were total panic, why wouldn’t this ringing go away?! Now, 12 years later, the ringing is still there, I can’t find the off switch, and on my audiogram, a loss of 70dB at 6 kHz is visible.

For the countdown, champagne, and kisses: put in earplugs!

Anyone with tinnitus will blame something. I blame the firecracker that exploded next to my ear. After this incident, I am no longer enthusiastic about fireworks, it startles me, and my fear that my ringing will get worse is definitely present.

What to do?

Very simple, put in your earplugs before the countdown, champagne, and kisses! Then you’ll be well protected against the loud bangs of the fireworks when you go outside to share the best wishes. Ensure happy ears for you and your friends; a set of earplugs is the best gift for Saint Nicholas & Christmas this year. Enter code: happy2018 with your order & receive a friends discount.

Merry Christmas & Happy Ears,
Peter van Galen