How to Choose Your Perfect Music Filters

At Earproof, every sound matters, from the deep bass of an underground club to the acoustic strums of a cozy jazz café. With our range of music filters offering attenuation from a gentle 10dB to a powerful 25dB, finding your perfect sound setting has never been more exciting.

Personalize Your Sound: The Right Attenuation for Every Beat

Choosing your Earproof filter is like curating your personal sound experience. Whether you’re grooving at a jazz bar or jumping to the beats of a rock concert, the difference in just 5dB can transform your auditory experience. Your hearing preferences, along with your favorite music genres and lifestyle, guide you to your ideal sound setting.

More Than Protection: A New Way to Experience Music

Earproof filters are about enriching your listening experience. These aren’t just earplugs; they’re your personal sound enhancers. By reducing ear-drum pressure, they allow you to hear music with more depth and clarity, from the subtle notes of a folk song to the dynamic range of hip-hop.

Stay Energized, Stay Connected

In the midst of sound and fury, Earproof earplugs help preserve your energy. By managing sound levels in loud environments, they enable you to keep your focus and enjoy longer sessions of music, work, or socializing without the usual sensory overload.

Meet the Versatile Heroes: 10, 15, 20, and 25dB Music Filters

Each filter in the Earproof lineup has a story to tell, a role to play in your auditory journey. They’re designed to match your dynamic lifestyle, from chilled-out indie gigs to exhilarating festival nights.

Sound Tailored to Your Life

Your filter choice should reflect the soundtrack of your life. Think about the varying soundscapes you inhabit – we have music filters for every occasion, every genre, every moment. And if your sound needs are as varied as your playlist, why not have a couple of filters on hand? Swap them out as easily as you switch between songs.

Experience the Difference in Person

If you’re still pondering over the perfect music filters, why not experience them firsthand? Contact us, or better still, book an appointment for a live demo. Feel the music with each filter and find your match.

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10dB Music Filters 


  • Listening to acoustic music without concessions on audio quality
  • Background noise, where you want to have some attenuation while talking and listening, is your main activity (restaurant, bar, meetings…)
  • For people with sensitive hearing


  • Acoustic musicians and vocalists, teachers

jobs like

  • Teachers, for example indoor sports, dentists, flight attendants


  • Acoustic performances, a restaurant with very bad acoustic, theater or cinema


  • Takes down approximately 10dB of the original sound
  • 10db is not enough to be certified as hearing protection!

15dB Music Filters  


  • For amplified sound environments where you also want to communicate


  • DJ’s who preform 2-3 hours and need to be aware of the sound pressure
  • For onstage playing with your amplified instrument in a band

jobs like

  • Production professionals who use a walkie-talkie for communication


  • Concert, theater or cinema with amplified sounds


  • Reduces approximately 15dB of the original sound
  • The minimum hearing protection for music that reaches the limit of 103db (on average)

for a period of 2-3 hours

  • Mainly in the back of a venue or relatively far from the music installations. or an outdoor event

20dB Music Filters  


  • Most used protection for loud music, hearing people is still possible but talking gets more difficult from this attenuation and upwards


  • For drummers, dancers and other live performing artists who are used to wear hearing-protection


  • Dancing a whole night on dance music, listening to many performances a day on a festival


  • Reduces approximately 20dB of the original sound
  • Standard hearing protection for music that reaches the limit of 103db (on average)

for a period of max 5-6 hours

  • Mainly in the middle of a venue or to the music installations

25dB Music Filters  


  • This attenuation gives you maximal protection with an optimal audio experience.
  • The best option for people with damaged ears like tinnitus

jobs like

  • Production workers and HORECA staff who need to be concentrated over the whole evening
  • Painters, builders, and other professionals who are exposed to loud sounds daily will maintain their hearing over the years, and they are still able to hear the radio transmissions.


  • Front row ravers, concerts of heavy metal & hardstyle


  • Reduces approximately 25dB of the original sound
  • High hearing protection for music that reaches the limit of 103db (on average)

for a period up to 8 hours

  • The best protection is if you’re standing near the sound system. Or small venues with poor music installations