How to take care of your ears

We brush our teeth daily, we protect our skin when we go out in the sun, but how should we take care of our ears?

In any case do not use a Q-tip to remove the excess earwax from your ear canal. 

With the use of a Q-tip, you will only push the excess earwax further into the ear and clog the ear. The wax can even get stuck to the eardrum which will cause the eardrum to stop shaking and reduce your hearing.

Plastic Q-tips are also very bad for our environment as this beautiful picture of a seahorse clinging to a pink Q-tip shows us.

When you have to much earwax we advise you to make an appointment with an ENT Doctor (Ear Nose Throat doctor).

They will give you an ear shower with a microscope, this is the safest way to have your ears cleaned. The air pressured cleaning method your personal doctor uses is not recommended because it gives too much pressure to your eardrums. Ask your doctor for a referral to see an ENT specialist, so they can safely and properly clean your ears. In the meantime, you can remove excess earwax with your pinky finger. However, keep in mind that a small amount of earwax is actually a good thing. It protects your ear from water, bacteria, dust, and dirt.