Earproof Rockit 6-Pack


Finally available: The Rockit 6-pack. The one-fits-all favorite in a pack of six pairs. To hand out to your friends or to keep for yourself as spare earplugs. Six friends, six cans, and six protected ear pairs.

The Earproof Rockit is a one-fits-all earplug with a music filter covered with memory foam. This makes the Earproof Rockit comfortable, and the music sounds fantastic. The quality of this budget earplug is incomparable to any other earplug in the world. Earproof Rockit has flat attenuation, a perfect seal, and clear sound, protecting your and your friends’ ears with 15dB.




Earproof Rockit 6-Pack: Share the Sound, Protect the Squad

A Shared Essential for Every Music Environment: The Earproof Rockit 6-Pack isn't just about protecting your hearing; it's about sharing the joy of music with those who matter. Whether it's a night out at a rave or for your next festival trip, ensure that everyone in your group experiences music the way it's meant to be heard - safely and clearly. Revolutionary Design, Multiplied: Dive into the innovation of our one-fits-all design, coming in a 6-pack. Each set of Earproof Rockit earplugs is crafted from memory foam to fit every ear with precision. Whether you're rallying your crew for an electrifying festival, gearing up for an intimate jazz session, or teaming up in the studio for your next production, these Rockit 6-Pack promise individualized comfort for you and your friends. Dutch-Engineered for Collective Audio Clarity: Born in Rotterdam, our music filters are the pinnacle of auditory engineering. Each member of your team will catch beats and tunes with crystal-clear precision. They protect your hearing without compromising on sound quality, from the high pitch to the bass. This pack ensures you and your team the experience without missing a single note. Always on the go? The Earproof Rockit 6-Pack includes 6 Earproof Bamboo Containers. Attach it to your keyring, and you’re all set to go!

The Music Science of the Earproof Rockit

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