10 tinnitus tips

We all experienced it once. After a good night out, concert or festival you leave and find out you have a beep in your ear. The sound has been too loud and your ear responds to this with a beep. Most of the time this beep disappears after a good night sleep. But sometimes the beep stays on.

This ringing in your ear is called tinnitus. Tinnitus can occur in many forms: a beep, hum or noise in your ear. With Earproof we want to help you to avoid tinnitus and when you have already gotten it, give tips how you can deal to relieve your tinnitus. If you have a constant ringing in your ears you might think that there is nothing more you can do about it. That is not the case, so read on.

The Greeks felt that if you had such a condition as tinnitus you should be allowed to relax, and you were allowed to lie down with grapes and wine. The Romans found tinnitus fascinating – it is a nerve so let’s try to numb this nerve – very occasionally this is still done, but the side effects are too severe it is rarely applied anymore. In the Middle Ages, they threw wet wood in the fire, which began to crackle and rustle creating some distraction making you fall asleep more easily. The one benefits from the sound of a dripping faucet, the other again in a noise of radio and somebody else gets the sound of rain in the jungle on his ears, all different ways of dealing and reducing the effects of tinnitus.

10 tinnitus tips
1. Sudden loud noises can cause tinnitus. Properly protect your ears from loud noise with good hearing protection.
2. Always protect your ears. Do you already have ringing ears? Don’t let your tinnitus get worse and make sure you always keep some good earplugs in your bag to protect your ears against loud noises.
3. Avoid stress. Stress causes the beep to get louder and loud beep indicates stress, you must break this vicious circle.
4. Relax. Know that you have this condition with many others – 10 to 15% of all people -, so you’re not alone. Accept that you have a ringing ear and do not ‘fight’ it too much. A relaxed attitude will help you. You can benefit from relaxation exercises or yoga.
5. Listen to music. Some people have the burden of ringing ears in the evening, others more in the daytime. You can turn on soft classical music or another sound you find enjoyable, that is just what a bit louder than the tinnitus in your ear so that the annoying noise is masked by a pleasant sound.

6. Provide an active and interesting life. Try to compensate for tinnitus by something that makes you happy. Have a friendly active life and you will be distracted and will notice the tinnitus less.
7. Be positive. Try to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Do not underestimate the power of positive thinking! No negative thinking, think particularly of the positive! Now that is easier said than done when you have tinnitus. But try anyway to find something positive, you will benefit by this.
8. Eat and live healthy. Use little salt. An unhealthy diet with lots of salt and sugar is not optimal for the circulation. This can influence the blood flow in your ear. A diet richer in potassium (many fruits and vegetables) can reduce ringing in the ear. Be careful with potassium supplements, we don’t recommend those.
9. Quit smoking can also contribute to reducing the ringing in your ear. There are people with a positive experience that the ringing was less harsh after quitting smoking.
10. Get moving. Start exercising or walking. Research has shown that sports reduce stress. This is because endorphins are created when you’re active in sports.

Every person is different, so try different things and test what works in your case to reduce the beep. If you have questions or want to help someone else with Tinnitus or other ear problem. Send your questions to [email protected]