Earproof PRO Black (-20 dB)

From  45,00

Immerse yourself in unparalleled audio quality with the Earproof PRO Black 20dB Music Filters. Your new essential for vibrant sound experiences and effective hearing protection.

These professional earplugs are the most natural sounding with linear response filters. Designed for DJs, live performers, and fervent party-goers, dancing until dawn.

Comes with the Earproof Keyring Container of your choice.

From  45,00


Expertly designed for professionals and enthusiasts who spend extended periods near loudspeakers, such as performers, production staff, and party-goers. The Earproof PRO Black (-20dB) is the most natural-sounding earplug on the market, with linear response filters.
  • Full-Spectrum Clarity: Specially designed to provide a flat attenuation across all frequencies, ensuring every note and tone is heard in its true form. Perfect for discerning all the nuances of music and speech.
  • Advanced Protection: Providing a significant 20dB noise reduction, these double-membrane filters are perfect for individuals looking for a linear response in the midst of high-decibel music.
  • Clear Communication: Enjoy your favorite tracks while still engaging effortlessly in conversations, thanks to the double filters' innovative design that facilitates speech clarity.
  • 100% Acoustic Testing: Each filter undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee peak performance and reliability.
  • Innovative Double Mesh Membrane: A game changer offering enhanced sound fidelity and comfort for a natural sounding experience.
  • Breathable Material: Crafted for extended wear, the filters provide comfort without causing ear fatigue.
  • Made in The Netherlands: Proudly developed and produced in the Netherlands, reflecting a commitment to quality and innovation.

Sizing & Extras:

  • Sizes for All: Available in sizes S, M, L, and XL to cater to every ear size. 'M' and 'L' are generally most suitable for adults, while 'S' is tailored for smaller ear canals or children, and 'XL' for larger ear canals.
  • Accessory: Comes with the Earproof Aluminum Container, attachable to your keyring. Perfect for On-the-Go Sound Protection. For a Clear Beat, Anytime, Anywhere.
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