Earproof PRO Platinum (-15 dB)

From  45,00

Experience the ultimate in sound fidelity with the Earproof PRO Platinum 15dB. Essential for anyone seeking premium audio clarity and effective hearing protection.

Tailored for concert professionals, performers, and music enthusiasts, these earplugs boast innovative mesh membrane technology, ensuring the most authentic sound experience. Ideal for immersing yourself in every beat and lyric while safeguarding your hearing in vibrant soundscapes.

Included is the convenient Earproof Aluminum Container, easily attachable to your keyring, making these earplugs your perfect companion for crystal-clear sound wherever your music takes you.

From  45,00

  • ✓ Extended Comfort
  • ✓ Natural Sound
  • ✓ Ideal for Concerts


Designed for concert-professionals, performers, and music lovers, the Earproof PRO Music Platinum (-15dB) filters are engineered to deliver perfect music sound while filtering out 15 decibels. These earplugs offer unparalleled sound clarity in every setting.
  • Full-Spectrum Clarity: The filters provide a flat attenuation across all frequencies, ensuring an authentic music experience. It is ideal for enjoying every rhythm and lyric.
  • Optimized Communication: These earplugs enhance conversation clarity and allow you to talk effortlessly, even in loud environments.
  • Advanced Protection: With a 15dB noise reduction, these filters are perfect for those in the midst of live music or bustling crowds.
  • 100% Acoustic Testing: Rigorous testing ensures that each filter delivers optimal performance and reliability.
  • Innovative Mesh Membrane: A breakthrough in earplug design, providing enhanced sound fidelity and comfort for an authentic listening experience.
  • Breathable Material: Crafted for prolonged use, these filters ensure comfort without causing ear fatigue.
  • Made in The Netherlands: Developed and produced with Dutch precision and quality, demonstrating a commitment to superior craftsmanship.
Sizing & Extras:
  • Size Options for All: Available in S, M, L, and XL, catering to every ear size. 'M' and 'L' fit most adults. 'S' is for smaller ear canals or children. And 'XL' is for larger ear canals. Refer to the “Earproof ear tip sizes” image for accurate sizing.
  • Accessory: The Earproof PRO Platinum includes, by default, the Earproof Aluminum Container, attachable to your keyring. Ideal for portable sound protection. Experience crystal-clear sound wherever you are.
  Attenuation of Double Membrane PRO Platinum earproof_eartip-sizes