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Week of Tinnitus

The upcoming week is the Week of Tinnitus, quite strange for those who experience a ringing, buzzing, or humming sound in their ears, as it is present 24/7. Tinnitus, indeed… you wouldn’t want it. Once you have it, getting rid of it is quite a challenge, as it’s a nasty little annoying injury. To start […]

The True Heart of Earproof

In a quest for creativity, protection and prevention and people who dare to follow their inner voices – we introduce to you Earproof. Where it all began… Together with the European Ministers, the Minister of the Netherlands Els Borst decided they needed to embrace the entertainment industry’s health and safety conditions. New rules, work hours, […]

Check out our old festival announcements

Ready for the summer season: festival beats & hi-hats? You’ll be surrounded by delightful loud sounds all summer long, and you want to avoid the annoying ringing in your ears? Make sure you always have Earproof earplugs with you. Hang them on your keychain, travel bag, or wherever, as long as you have them with […]

Everything for a smile

Everything for a smile Coolblue and Earproof are teaming up in the new year to save ears together. Our series of music earplugs will be available via Coolblue as of January 1st: the Earproof Rockit 15dB, Earproof Concert 15dB, and Earproof Dance 20dB earplugs. Great news for all music lovers at Coolblue who can now […]

Our new earplug: Rockit

Introducing our new earplug: Earproof Rockit The Rockit earplug is unique because it is a budget earplug that contains a music filter. Your ears are primarily protected against loud noise with the Rockit earplug. Thanks to the music filter, music sounds clear and not muffled like with most foam earplugs. The Rockit earplug consists of […]

Happy ears!

Fireworks originated in the Far East, coming from China. Between 618 and 907 during the Tang Dynasty, fireworks were invented by a cook, according to tradition. The explosions were used in religious events to ward off evil spirits. After the discovery of gunpowder in the 13th century in China, fireworks quickly made their way to […]