5 reasons why you should protect your ears with earplugs

We give you 5 reasons why you should protect your ears with earplugs.

  1. Tinnitus! This will disrupt your daily life. Constant ringing in your ears that won’t go away. Trust me, you’re not waiting for that.
  2. Music sounds better and you get used to the earplugs. Truly, once you’ve got the right earplugs, music sounds purer and you can enjoy it longer, without irritations or worries.
  3. Nowadays good quality earplugs are not super expensive and if you take care of your earplugs, you can even use them for years.
  4. With the keychain container you attach them to your keys and will have them with you, always! It has never been so easy to protect your ears properly.
  5. What did she say? I can’t hear her! Don’t be this person. If you keep ignoring your ear irritations, with time you will become more and more deaf. You’ll be that person in the room always talking super loud. Who wants to be that person right?

Loud noises can cause hearing problems, starting with ringing ears and tinnitus. After a nice evening with a lot of loud music, dancing and chatter, the next morning you can experience ‘ringing ears’. The more this happens, the more you’re at risk that this ringing will stay. This is the first stage of tinnitus. And this can go on and worsen, until you have proper hearing damage. Moreover, ongoing noise can cause stress, which is bad for your health and loud noise can elevate adrenaline levels, álso bad for your health. Tinnitus can cause extreme distress, poor concentration, sleeping problems… I can keep going. Do you need more reasons to protect your ears?

Don’t be that dumbass and get those earplugs!