Week of Tinnitus

The upcoming week is the Week of Tinnitus, quite strange for those who experience a ringing, buzzing, or humming sound in their ears, as it is present 24/7. Tinnitus, indeed… you wouldn’t want it. Once you have it, getting rid of it is quite a challenge, as it’s a nasty little annoying injury.

To start with, it’s crucial to protect your ears by wearing earplugs to prevent any damage. However, for years, we’ve seen a significant portion of our customers first encountering hearing problems, then becoming so alarmed that they immediately start using hearing protection and regret not doing so earlier.

The well-known ringing in the ear is called tinnitus and comes in many forms. The ringing can sound like a hum, buzz, or high-pitched tone. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off this ringing, and it’s a matter of habituation and acceptance. Yet, it’s essential to clarify a few points first: what are the causes? Sound trauma, stress, overexertion, impact, inflammation, medication…

What to do if you have ringing in the ear, day 1, 2 & 3?

Day 1you wake up with ringing in your ear – This is a sign that you’ve strained your ears. Make sure to give your ears rest for the next 24/48 hours, and fingers crossed it will be gone by tomorrow. Ringing is a signal of hearing damage; next time, start wearing earplugs.

Day 2nope, the ringing is still there – Don’t panic, make sure to rest, avoid noise and stress, take a break, and try not to dwell on it too much. If you struggle to ignore the ringing, softly turn on the radio, preferably classical music.

Day 3ringing is still there – Now it’s time to call your GP and ask for a referral to an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist. Don’t let them fob you off with eardrops, “let’s wait and see,” or “unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done.” An ENT specialist can conduct a proper ear test and, if applicable, provide treatment with medication. Note: this should be done within two weeks, the sooner, the better.

After three weeksdarn, the ringing is still there – now it’s getting tricky, and you’ll need to speak with a specialist. Don’t panic, tinnitus is annoying, but over time, it will lessen, and you’ll get used to it. But for now… never leave the house without earplugs again; you can’t risk making your tinnitus worse.

Tinnitus is common and is activated by the brain due to a neurological disturbance; the hair cells in the cochlea of the ear don’t function properly, and the brain compensates for this defect by creating a ringing, buzzing, or humming sound. If you have an overexertion, it’s essential to visit an ENT specialist within 14-21 days; perhaps something can still be regenerated with medication.

Once you have tinnitus, it’s crucial never to go out without earplugs. Prevent the ringing from becoming worse or more tonal, so always protect your ears from overexertion. The ear is essential in our daily lives, for directional sensitivity, communication, and balance, making it crucial to handle it well and with care. During the Week of Tinnitus, there are various meet-ups where you can ask questions and receive information from doctors and experts. At our office in Rotterdam, you can make an appointment for a Tinnitus consultation or have your earplugs tested.

Peter van Galen

The True Heart of Earproof

In a quest for creativity, protection and prevention and people who dare to follow their inner voices – we introduce to you Earproof.

Where it all began…

Together with the European Ministers, the Minister of the Netherlands Els Borst decided they needed to embrace the entertainment industry’s health and safety conditions. New rules, work hours, safety shoes and ear protection became discussion topics. At that time, the year 2003, the owner of Earproof Peter van Galen worked at Ampco & Flashlight. Each employer of the company received custom earplugs and Peter experienced this as rather unpleasant. From that point on, Peter couldn’t let go of his thoughts on ear protection. Where would we be without our ears, especially in the music industry. And how do we take care of our ears? Peter started to do some research. For about four months he searched for the right brand and products and in 2004, Earproof was born. The managing board of the company he worked for called him crazy, as ear protection was still kind of taboo. At that time no one was really aware of ear protection. Even not at the conservatory. Now, 15 years later you can buy any kind of ear protection, in many stores and online.

Photo by Ethan Tennier-Stuart

“I remember the day silence came to an end, waking up with a screaming noise in my left ear. It never left…”

After a few years, Peter suddenly heard a screaming noise in his ears. “I remember the day silence came to an end, waking up with a screaming noise in my left ear. It never left…” Peter felt responsible for raising awareness on tinnitus and providing ear protection. You’ll never get your hearing back and tinnitus can disturb your daily life. Our ears play an essential role in our sense of direction, balance and communication. But our ears are vulnerable, and we often forget this, Peter emphasizes. Nowadays, prevention to hearing damage is key!

Music has always been very important to Earproof. Thus, with music in the back of their head, they searched for the best quality products. Custom made or generic, the products are made of the finest materials possible and suitable for in-ear wear. They use TPI, a well-known material in de medical world. Earproof provides a solution to any kind of work in a loud environment. Earproof believes in an environmental aware policy. Therefore, they invest in eco-friendly packing and work hard to develop sustainable (no disposable) products that can be used in the long term. Earproof feels responsible for raising awareness on tinnitus and the surfer’s ears. People aren’t always aware of the consequences and risks of loud music and nowadays we are surrounded by noisiness. To provide as many people with high quality earplugs, Earproof focuses on great value for low prices.

“Tiësto at a private lounge, Henrik Schwarz during breakfast in the Hilton after NSJ, Richie Hawtin in Ibiza…”

Earproof has been working with many customers, music lovers, to musicians, DJ’s, festival- and club crews, as well as surfers and other employees in different fields of loud noises. In the past years, Earproof worked with international and national festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Boom Festival, Sonar Festival, Superbooth and Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam Open Air, Toffler, Valtifest, Lowlands, Rotterdam Rave. To name a few. Earproof has serviced many clients and festivals. The list is long, and they are proud to have worked with all of them. The most remarkable? “Kevin Saunderson at Peter’s kitchen table, Tiësto at a private jet lounge, Carl Cox on Dancevalley, Henrik Schwarz during breakfast in the Hilton after NSJ, Richie Hawtin in Ibiza with his friends during an enormous dinner, Joseph Capriatti during Sonar Barcelona”. Peter laughs, “I could go on for hours, all our customers have ears and we are privileged to help them.” If you want to know more about this, check out our wall of fame.

Earproof’s mission is saving ten million ears.

Earproof’s mission is saving ten million ears. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Let’s all make a difference together, assure ourselves with lifelong hearing and rock on!

Check out our old festival announcements

Ready for the summer season: festival beats & hi-hats?

You’ll be surrounded by delightful loud sounds all summer long, and you want to avoid the annoying ringing in your ears? Make sure you always have Earproof earplugs with you. Hang them on your keychain, travel bag, or wherever, as long as you have them with you! Don’t have ear protectors yet? Don’t worry, order them here and get ready for a summer full of music & fun!

Spinnin’ Records and Earproof at the Dancefair

During the Dancefair at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on March 4th & 5th, Spinnin’ Records and Earproof will be giving a lecture. Ferreck Dawn and Peter van Galen will talk about what they love most: music. Get ready for half an hour of experiencing music & sound and its impact on your ears.

The Winter tour of the NJO starts in January. Top talent from conservatories in the Netherlands and Belgium will come together to perform Mahler’s Sixth Symphony. Conductor Anthony Hermus and the NJO have already proven to be an exciting combination, giving a thrilling performance of this masterpiece.


In recent months, various conservatory students and classical musicians have tested our music earplugs while playing their instruments. In these sessions, the different earproof filters were tested. The Earproof Gold 20dB, Earproof Platinum 15dB, and Earproof Silver 10dB. For listening to and playing acoustic & classical music, the silver 10dB filter was the favorite for most.


Curious about which filter is best for you? Then we invite you to come to one of our Friday evening sessions, bring your instrument, and test which filter works best for you! The first Earproof Sound Sessions will be held on Friday, February 3rd from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at our office next to CS in Rotterdam, Stationsplein 45, unit d1.152. Feel welcome (even without an instrument) and experiment with 10, 15, and 20dB. Sign up by sending us an email stating Earproof Sound Sessions February 3, 2017: [email protected]

NJO Winter Tour Dates: Mahler – Symphony No. 6
20 / 21 / 22 / 25 / 27-01
Nijmegen / Rotterdam / Utrecht /Apeldoorn / Enschede
NJO Surprise Concert
zo. 18-12 / 12-02 / 05-03 / 09-04
Theater Orpheus, Apeldoorn


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with music and healthy ears! The first opportunity to meet this year is during Eurosonic Noorderslag in the Music & Tech Hideout.

The Music & Tech Hideout (Oosterstraat 52) starts on January 11, 2017, and you are all welcome to come by! Earproof is participating in this temporary event in the heart of Groningen for good music, innovative thinking, and some special ESNS2017 offers. One of them is custom Earproof Performer earplugs + a set of Earproof Platinum 15dB music earplugs, originally priced at €179, now for €119.

We look forward to welcoming you during this 3-day event with workshops and live performances. Of course, there will be the latest innovations in festival production and event technologies, meeting spaces, delicious food, and refreshing drinks. Check out the full program at www.music-te.ch

OPEN: WED – THUR – FR 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM



Toffler celebrates its 5-year anniversary! Come to the TOFFLER INDOOR FESTIVAL on November 19th to celebrate 5 YR Toffler with the best acts & DJs. ADAM BEYER //JORIS VOORN//LUKE SLATER//GARY BECK//EGBERT//SECRET CINEMA//ROD//MICHEL DE HEY//BENNY RODRIGUES//HAEKEN//JOEY DANIEL http://toffler.nl/

Earproof celebrates 5 YR Toffler with two specials for all Toffler fans. On Friday, November 4th, between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM, you can get custom Earproof earplugs fitted at the Earproof office with a cool discount: normally €169, now for €135.

Until November 19th, you can order the new series of music earplugs from Earproof online with a €5 discount. Enter code: 5YRTOFFLER with your order. Enjoy the earplugs of your choice at the 5YR ANNIVERSARY – TOFFLER INDOOR FESTIVAL.


Spinnin’ Records by Earproof

Spinnin’ Records and Earproof are launching a global campaign to raise awareness about the impact sound can have on your ears. For this purpose, Earproof has developed special music earplugs for Spinnin’ Records that allow you to experience MORE MUSIC. With the new earplugs and our MORE MUSIC campaign, you can safely enjoy music at concerts, in clubs, festivals, or events.

Visit the Spinnin’ Pop-up Store during the Amsterdam Dance Event, featuring Spinnin’ artist merchandise, A & R sessions, Meet & Greet with DJs, new tunes, and the new Spinnin’ earplugs.

Spinnin’ Pop-up Store, Reestraat 14, Amsterdam. Open during ADE from October 19 to 23.


Robot Festival Bologna

As you know, Italians are sensitive to style and beautiful design. After seeing our new series of music earplugs, they were immediately sold at Robot Festival.

So, we’re bringing the new Earproof Platinum 15dB and Earproof Gold 20dB to Bologna. There, we will delight visitors with our new series of earplugs that are beautifully designed, comfortable to wear, discreetly visible, and provide the right protection for your hearing. The new Earproof music earplugs will make the music at Robot Festival sound as beautiful as possible, ensuring everyone has an extra positive experience at Robot Festival 2016. We look forward to seeing you between October 5th and 8th in Bologna.

Earproof perfect fit – perfect sound 

At the DSOPM (Dutch School of Popular Music), as a student, you will undergo an intensive training program. No matter what direction you choose, sound and music will be central. For young professionals in training, it is essential to pay attention to preserving perfect hearing. To pursue your profession, you will always need a good pair of ears.

That’s why Earproof will be present at DSOPM on September 10, 2016, to provide information on hearing and hearing protection. Take part in our fitting session “Earproof perfect fit – perfect sound” with our new series of music earplugs: the Earproof Silver 10dB, Earproof Platinum 15dB, and Earproof Gold 20dB, and experience the difference. What do you need, and which product provides the perfect fit for you? Earproof is happy to assist you in making the right choice in hearing protection, starting from €25.

On September 3rd, Earproof will be with the EAR WIND & FIRE team at Valtifest. With enthusiasm, we will tell you about our new Earproof music earplugs, which allow you to perfectly protect your glowing Valtifest ears. Visit the Earproof stand at the entrance of Valtifest and be the first to test out our new series of music earplugs. Earproof is on fire, and our new music earplugs are hot.

After Valtifest, we celebrate the anniversary year with the organization and Earproof will also be present at: Manifesto, O.W.A.P., Old Dutch Acid Party, Speedfreax, Kikkenstein, Ship Happens, Brand in Mokum, and Red Bull Playrooms.

Everything for a smile

Everything for a smile

Coolblue and Earproof are teaming up in the new year to save ears together. Our series of music earplugs will be available via Coolblue as of January 1st: the Earproof Rockit 15dB, Earproof Concert 15dB, and Earproof Dance 20dB earplugs. Great news for all music lovers at Coolblue who can now choose earplugs that make music sound as beautiful as possible. The special music filters in the earplugs provide flat attenuation and coverage across the entire frequency range. This ensures balanced sound and eliminates distorted audio. Your ears are also well protected so that you can return home with a smile after a night out, a festival, or a concert.

Our new earplug: Rockit

Introducing our new earplug: Earproof Rockit

The Rockit earplug is unique because it is a budget earplug that contains a music filter. Your ears are primarily protected against loud noise with the Rockit earplug. Thanks to the music filter, music sounds clear and not muffled like with most foam earplugs. The Rockit earplug consists of a hard core covered with memory foam, allowing the earplug to conform to the shape of your ear canal and be comfortable to wear. They filter 15 dB and fit almost everyone. Give them a try, we’d love to hear about your experience!

                                                                       Earproof Rockit earplug

Happy ears!

Fireworks originated in the Far East, coming from China. Between 618 and 907 during the Tang Dynasty, fireworks were invented by a cook, according to tradition. The explosions were used in religious events to ward off evil spirits. After the discovery of gunpowder in the 13th century in China, fireworks quickly made their way to Europe. Firework displays were staged at many courts. Nowadays, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Europe with grand fireworks shows, from Paris to Rome. In the Netherlands, it’s a tradition to gather on the streets, raise a glass, and set off fireworks. At Earproof, we’re always working to save the ears of you and your friends. Even during the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations, we will be committed to protecting your ears!

Fireworks, it’s actually strange that these loud bangs on the streets are still allowed. The small firecrackers are relatively harmless, but the explosions meant to go off high in the sky can be extremely dangerous when improperly used on the ground! The blasts are so powerful that they can permanently damage your fingers, eyes, and ears. You don’t even have to light the fireworks yourself; often, it’s the bystanders who suffer injuries.

Ringing in my ear

At a young age, I had fireworks explode next to my ear. It was fun to throw the firecracker as late as possible so it would explode in the air. Unfortunately, this firecracker exploded right next to my right ear. The immediate effect was bizarre, a kind of numb feeling – suddenly no hearing but a ringing sound. My hearing returned later that day, however, 30 years later, I dreamed of an explosion at night and woke up in the morning with a huge ringing in my ear! You know the feeling, that ringing after a night out. The first few weeks were total panic, why wouldn’t this ringing go away?! Now, 12 years later, the ringing is still there, I can’t find the off switch, and on my audiogram, a loss of 70dB at 6 kHz is visible.

For the countdown, champagne, and kisses: put in earplugs!

Anyone with tinnitus will blame something. I blame the firecracker that exploded next to my ear. After this incident, I am no longer enthusiastic about fireworks, it startles me, and my fear that my ringing will get worse is definitely present.

What to do?

Very simple, put in your earplugs before the countdown, champagne, and kisses! Then you’ll be well protected against the loud bangs of the fireworks when you go outside to share the best wishes. Ensure happy ears for you and your friends; a set of earplugs is the best gift for Saint Nicholas & Christmas this year. Enter code: happy2018 with your order & receive a friends discount.

Merry Christmas & Happy Ears,
Peter van Galen

How to Protect Your Ears?

 We use our ears for communication, that is obvious, but we also need them to locate sounds and our balance depends on the ears as well. Ears are extremely fragile and you should protect your hearing from exposure to loud music, especially during concerts, festivals & large dance events.

Why should you protect your ears?

If you protect your ears sufficiently with earplugs that have a proper filter, you can enjoy music for a long time without getting tired. It positively affects your focus and concentration. Besides that, you will experience a better balance between low base and high frequencies in sound. You can hear the music pure and clear, at the same time it keeps speech intelligibility. If you want, you can come closer to the speakers, the detailed sound image will remain. Also, you have less risk in damaging your ears over time. Wear earplugs to enjoy all beautiful sounds longer.

Do you wear good quality ear protection? Does your partner, son or daughter use ear protection when they visit their favourite shows or concerts? Protect your ears with earplugs that fit your ears best:

1. Special Earplug Filters

With special filters, music sounds good – maybe even better. Your ears will be safe and protected and you won’t get a beep – tinnitus – in your ear after enjoying a good show for a few hours. Wear earplugs to avoid tinnitus or even going deaf!

You can make a choice between either 20db or 15db filters. It is important to wear the correct size of earplugs that fit and protect your ears properly.

Lots of DJ’s are aware of the importance of their hearing and protect their ears with high quality ear protection. This means they wear custom made or generic earplugs with music filters. A good music filter works the same way as your eardrum, they have a membrane and because of that the music sounds really good. The music filters also protect your ears and attenuate 20db or 15db.

2. Wear the Correct Size Earplugs

One size doesn’t fit all ears! Depending on the size and shape of your ears you need the best fit that gives a proper seal of the ear and guarantees that you are protected. Wear the appropriate size: S/M/L or XL of our earplugs to be well protected.

3. Insert & Test your Earplugs

When you insert your earplugs first take them between your thumb and finger. (A) With the opposite hand to your ear, pull your ear out and up. With the other hand gently twist and turn the earplug a bit, then give the earplugs a light push into your ear. (B) Test your earplugs and tap lightly on your earplugs, when you hear a base drum effect your ears are safe!


Some shows are suitable for all ages like DJ Hardwell and Martin Garrix. It is amazing that young kids are able to enjoy these shows, but make sure their precious ears are protected in the best possible way!

When you teach young children how to play music and read written music, they create connections in the brain that will last for a lifetime. The same goes for teaching your kids how to protect their ears with excellent music filters and earplugs against noise exposure and overpressure on their ears. Once children experience the difference they will wear earplugs more easily and they will embrace the idea of protecting their ears in day-to-day life. Teach your child to protect their ears and let them benefit from all the advantages.

If you want to prepare yourself for visiting a concert or festival, you can buy our earplugs in our online shop.

Love your ears & don’t forget your Earplugs! Join our journey to save 10 million ears!

About tinnitus

Peter about tinnitus at ‘Sophie in de Mentale Kreukels’

“Peter, you’re on tv!”. Now, our tv isn’t switched on a lot, so we quickly turned to NPO3.

‘Sophie in de Mentale Kreukels’ is on. For those unfamiliar with our Sophie Hilbrand, she is quite well-known for addressing all different kinds of societal taboos. And whilst I was attending a convention in the Vlietland hospital in dedication to ‘Week of the Ear’, Sophie was there for her shows’ recordings. Today she’s discussing challenges and mental problems related to stress. And sheds some light on one of the main reasons our work at Earproof is so important, ‘tinnitus’.

This episode features me and some brief statements about living with tinnitus, a real challenge, which is proven to me daily. In the aftermath of the show, people in my network have been approaching me with the same questions. In that regard I’ve put them on paper to answer everyone and hopefully spread even more awareness.

Conversations usually start with:

I didn’t know you had a beep in your ear? I’ve never heard you mention that before?
For starters, people suffering from tinnitus don’t usually go around shouting it from the rooftops. It’s bad enough having to go day by day with a high-pitched whistle in your head, I try to distract myself as much as I can.

Do you hear it all the time?
Absolutely. It never gets quiet. Not when I travel, not when I eat, not even when sleep. It’s exhausting. I never wake up fully rested. My brain is simultaneously producing and processing the sound at the same time. This results in a constant state of stress because your brain senses a danger signal.

Is tinnitus the reason you started Earproof?
No. My symptoms began when I already had started Earproof. To be honest though, the tinnitus has motivated me even more to continue Earproofs mission. Everyone should use earplugs to prevent tinnitus or hearing damage.

How does your beep sound?
Difficult to say. If you have ever experienced a beep or whistle after a night out, you know what I’m talking about. It’s loud, high-pitched and f*cking annoying. Night after night I would come back from nights out at Roxy Amsterdam with this beep. “Great night”, I would think to myself, not knowing you can experience this all the time 24/7.

What causes the beep?
This tinnitus is caused by a disruption in the nerve transmission. The hair cells’ functionality is damaged and can’t recognize their function. This leads to confusion in the brain and thus to the brain starting to produce the sound itself. This is also known as a ‘phantom sound’.

Is it curable?
As far as we know there is no cure for tinnitus. Sometimes the symptoms decrease a little, but it doesn’t fully disappear. My credo is to protect your ears so you don’t get into trouble of some sorts!

Doesn’t it drive you completely insane?
Not anymore. I have accepted and embraced the beep. It’s part of me now. But when I die I hope it to be; ‘and all was quiet’.

Seriously, If I’d known wearing protection for your ears would prevent tinnitus, I would’ve paid ten million to get earplugs. Now my mission is to at least save ten million ears.

Learn more about tinnitus and how to protect yourself against it.

What are good earplugs?

Jacket, check. Gloves, check. Scarf, check! When it’s cold out, we wear warm clothes, obviously. In the mornings and before we go to bed, we brush our teeth. Day in, day out. In summertime, your skin heats up and we grab our sunscreens to protect our skin. We do this without thinking about it. What about our ears, what do we do for our them? How do we protect our ears from loud sounds? The answer to this is easy: by protecting your ears with the right earplugs. These earplugs should fit and feel comfy, without falling out or irritating you. They should be made out of the right products, sustainable and non-ear damaging. And mostly, these earplugs shouldn’t block sounds, then you’ll want to throw them out. They should give you pure sounds while protecting you.

Many common sounds are louder than you think, and your ears are more fragile than you’d think. They need protection. Earproof has been the number one brand for ear protection in the music- and entertainment industry, providing many DJ’s with custom earplugs, such as Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens. And in the underground scene, Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin and Nina Kraviz, are all keeping their ears safe with Earproof. Over the years, Earproof has served many clients and hosted their booth at several events and festivals. For Earproof, it’s most important to create awareness around tinnitus and protection for your ears, while still listening to those pure sounds. Listen to your ears and treat yourself with quality.

Comfy earplugs

Earproof provides earplugs, custom or generic, for each sound lover. The earplugs have a universal fit, suitable for 99% of the users. You’re probably wondering how these earplugs fit your ear as well as your big brother or tiny grandma? The earplugs of Earproof are made of memory foam and TPI, a well-known material in the medical world. The memory foam will adjust itself to your ears and for this reason, these earplugs will feel comfortable in your ears. You’ll even forget you are wearing them. The skin in your ear canal is extremely thin and sensitive. Between the skin and bone in your ear, there is no fat or muscle tissue and so it’s important to have the right fit and right material inside your ears. Especially if you’re wearing them for multiple hours, while dancing until the sun rises.

Sustainable and eco-friendly earplugs

In today’s world we shouldn’t focus on disposable items that are harmful for our environment. People might choose for cheap foam earplugs. It’s cheap! Why not?

In the long hall these earplugs are bad for our environment and won’t protect your ears properly. Earproof believes in ecological products and so they invest in eco-friendly packaging as well as sustainable products that can be used frequently. The packaging of Earproof is sustainable and these earplugs aren’t disposable, but reusable. If you take care of these earplugs, cleaning them after wearing them for hours, these earplugs can be used for years. With the aluminum key container, you can keep the earplugs safe and sound in your container. Attach them to your keys and never forget them! At a party, a loud bar or at the movies with the sound turned up? No worries, you’ve got your Earproof plugs with you!

Your city, your sounds, your ears

To Earproof your hearing is most important. But you don’t want earplugs that don’t feel right, that fall out or that muffle the sound. If you buy earplugs, it’s essential to get earplugs with a filter. Many types of earplugs will not protect your hearing enough or will mute all sounds to the max. Sounds will be distorted and flat. Earproof has a variety of earplugs, with each filter acoustically tested. The filter gives a damping of sounds, through which you’ll still hear pure sounds while protecting your ears. Quality never goes out of style. The smartest way to listen to sounds is by using qualitative earplugs. Once you’ve lost your hearing, you’ll never get it back. Let’s listen to our ears and treat them with quality. Protecting your ears was never so easy!

Check out which earplugs will suit you best.

Why would you protect your ears with high-quality earplugs?

The party is on. The volume is up. We’re all dancing and losing our minds. Standing in front of the stage, experiencing those sounds to the max. Feeling that vibration of sounds, boosting out of the speakers and flowing onto our bodies. Our ears are going nuts, enjoying the music. But those loud sounds keep coming and coming. We dance the night away, while ignoring our ears, isn’t that true? On some level we know our ears are hurting as they are fragile. And we do nothing about it, cuss the music is just too good…

Earproof’s goal is to provide everyone with good sounding earplugs. These earplugs are high quality and so you can still hear the pure sounds coming out of speakers, while protecting your ears. Earproof creates earplugs with highest quality and the lowest price possible as quality doesn’t always have to come at high costs. And this is for a great cause, your hearing! Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone forever, and it won’t come back. Once you hear a beep, hum or whistle after a party and then 24 hours a day, your daily life will be disturbed.

Insane in the membrane – insane in the brain

Since the beginning of Earproof, Earproof works with the best fabricants in the industry. The art of Earproof is finding ways of protecting your ears, while still letting sounds through. Thus, instead of blocking most sounds, you can still hear pure and natural sounds, but in a safe way. Most often earplugs are based on sound blockers that muffle the sound and you’re going to want to throw them out immediately. The earplugs of Earproof are based on membranes and mesh, combined with a resonant chamber which are very specialized and small. Earproof’s men located in Delft (TU Brains), are improving the product on a daily basis, and together they are succeeding!

  • The Rockit, Earproof’s entry level product, has a 15-dB damping for a price starting at a couple of euros. These are prices that are comparable to Chinese manufacturers with noise blockers. However, these plugs are no noise blockers, they are protectors and based in the Netherlands. It’s a no brainer! The Rockit has a basic damping and non-muffled sound, so you can experience sounds more purely and most importantly, more safely.
  • The Acoustic is especially for concerts and dance events, taking it one step further. The earplugs are comfortable and preserve incredible sound.
  • The standard series have the option of a 10-, 15– or 20-dB filter. Great quality for a good price.
  • If you want quality above and beyond, the pro series are the right match for you. With a 10-, 15- or 25-dB filter, double mesh and membrane, these earplugs give control in letting the right frequencies through, providing the optimal sound experience while protecting your ears.

Quality is becoming rare

Only the best and nothing less. That’s Earproof’s motto. Quality is becoming rare and most capital investors who are taking over the industry, are in it for the money. We stick to the first and most important part, educating & creating awareness, giving value for money while providing transparency; an honest product, preserving sounds while protecting your ears. Each filter is tested in the lab, and Earproof believes in protecting your ears in a sustainable way. Earproof is an eco-friendly company and so, with a few compromises, they strive to have eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable medical TPE. And wherever Earproof can, they implement new materials to stay ahead of the rest. Coming year, you will see more of this in our product line.

Once you find the right size, attenuation and function, you’ll hear the right frequencies in sound: pure, not muffled, and you will never want to leave your house without your earplugs.