How to insert your earplugs

You love music and like to dance. You don’t leave home without your earplugs. This is how you check if you wear them correctly. Do it with our 1,2,3 test for earplugs to check if they fit and function perfectly to protect your hearing. An earplug that does not fit properly, can not work properly for you. So make sure you are Earproof!

How to insert your earplugs
Take In order to reduce the risk of infection it is important that both your hands and the hearing protection are clean before insertion into ears. Grip the tongue of the ear tip between thumb and forefinger. To ease insertion, pull the top of the ear outward and upward, this is best achieved by holding the ear with your opposite hand, your arm placed around the back of the head. Gently push and twist the hearing protection into the ear until it sits comfortably in the ear canal whilst forming a good seal with the ear canal. Position the tongue at the top of the ear making it easier to find and grip when removing the tip from the ear.

Test 1 2 3 Talk, tap & listen
To check if your earplugs have the correct fit and seal do these three checks to be sure.

Test 1: talk
Say something out loud while wearing both your earplugs. When you hear your voice from ‘within’ you positioned your earplugs correct. Your earplugs provide sufficient attenuation.

Test 2: tap
Gently tap the ear or to the tragus of the ear. Your earplugs have the right fit for your ears when you hear the so-called ‘bass drum effect’. When the earplugs go too deep in the ear canal, the earplugs are too small, you need a larger size. Your earplug protrudes too far, the earplug is too big and you need a size smaller. It is also important that your earplugs feel comfortable.

Test 3: listen
The third and final test is to listen with both earplugs in your ears. Do you experience a clean sound in your ears together with some proper attenuation? Does not any outside noise enter the ears? When you hear a clean sound and proper attenuation, you can assume that you wear your earplugs correct. Your earplugs provide the correct attenuation, have the right size and close tightly.

When your earplugs eventually feel uncomfortable twist and turn a little. Pull gently on your earlobe and try to get the earplugs to get into a comfortable position again. Generic earplugs can work in the same way custom earplugs do, important is to test what size and type of earplug is best for you!