Cleaning Spray for Earplugs


Cleaning spray with atomizer for external care and disinfection of earplugs.

OtoVita® Professional Cleaning Spray comes in a 50ml format with its atomizer.


  • ✓ Earplugs Care <3
  • ✓ Protect your Ears
  • ✓ Made for Earplugs


Clean your earplugs with OtoVita® Professional Cleaning Spray, the optimal solution for external care and disinfection. This specialized formula comes in a convenient 50ml bottle equipped with an atomizer for precise and effortless application. Designed to ensure the longevity and hygiene of your earplugs, OtoVita® Cleaning Spray effectively removes earwax, dust, and other contaminants. Its gentle yet powerful composition is perfect for regular use, keeping your earplugs safe, clean and sanitized. Whether you're a frequent user of earplugs in professional settings or for personal enjoyment, this spray is an essential accessory for optimal earplug care. The compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go cleaning, ensuring your earplugs remain in top condition wherever you are.