Earproof Communicator

From  45,00

Let’s be honest: communication via radio & walkie-talkies is more about guessing than having a real conversation. And on top of that, your ears are exposed to dangerous levels of sound.

In collaboration with DEC, we designed the Earproof Communicator. A cristal clear communication solution tested and approved by professionals across the industry. It is ideal for personnel working as security, production, and team members at festivals, venues, and loud environments.

From  45,00

  • ✓ Cristal Clear Communication
  • ✓ Extended Comfort and Protection
  • ✓ Flat Attenuation
  • ✓ Left or Right Ear
  • ✓ 15dB to 25dB Attenuation


Earproof walkie-talkie adapter enables a better sound balance in combination with our trusted hearing protection. The air tube (through which the sound from the radio reaches the ear) is located between the earpiece and the PRO filter. The radio signal remains unaffected while the external sound is filtered. The Communicator can be combined with the Fitted Earproof PRO, Silver, Platinum, Black, and Gold.

The Walkie-Talkie Adapter:

• Optimizes sounds and speech level, offering a Cristal Clear Communication • Can be used alternately for both ears • Choose your attenuation of 15, 20, or 25dB