Earproof PRO Gold (-25 dB)

From  45,00

Discover professional sound and protection with Earproof Gold PRO 25db Music Filters, blending cutting-edge technology and optimal hearing protection. It is an indispensable tool for stage production professionals, live event technicians, and avid music lovers for both protection and clarity.

These high-performance earplugs are essential for those who seek both protection and clarity.

Comes with the Earproof Keyring Container of your choice.

From  45,00

  • ✓ Maximum Protection
  • ✓ Flat Attenuation
  • ✓ For Extended Hours


Crafted for extended exposure to loudspeakers, the Earproof PRO Gold (-25dB) music filters are the ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts in high-decibel environments. With the Earproof PRO Gold get superior sound clarity while reducing noise by 25 decibels. Enjoy the ultimate protection and audio fidelity in intense auditory settings.
  • Advanced Protection: With a substantial 25db noise reduction, Earproof Gold is ideal if you are exposed to high-volume sounds, particularly close to the speakers.
  • Full-Spectrum Clarity: Designed to provide a flat attenuation across all frequencies, ensuring you that every notes and tones are heard in their true forms – perfect for discerning the nuances of music.
  • Clear Communication: Enjoy your favorite tracks while engaging effortlessly in conversations. The innovative 'double filters' design facilitates speech clarity in loud environments.
  • 100% Acoustic Testing: Each filter undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee peak performance and reliability.
  • Innovative Double Mesh Membrane: A cutting-edge alternative to traditional tube filters, offering enhanced sound fidelity and comfort.
  • Breathable Material: Crafted for extended wear, the filters provide comfort without causing ear fatigue.
  • Made in The Netherlands: Proudly developed and produced in the Netherlands, reflecting a commitment to quality and innovation.

Sizing & Accessory:

  • Sizes for All: Pick your sizes from S to XL to get the perfect fit! 'M' and 'L' suit for most adults, while 'S' is perfect for smaller ear canals or children, and 'XL' for larger ear canals.
  • Accessory: The Earproof PRO Gold 25dB comes by default with the Earproof Aluminum Container, attachable to your keyring. Perfect for On-the-Go Sound Protection. Keep Your Beats Clear, Anytime, Anywhere.

Size Guide for a Perfect Fit of the Earproof Gold