Earproof Sleeper

From  129,00

The Earproof Sleeper is the ultimate solution for those who struggle with noise during sleep or rest periods. If you are tired of being disturbed by snoring partners, noisy neighbours, or any other sound nuisance, Earproof Sleeper is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Designed to provide maximum comfort and noise reduction, Earproof Sleeper is made of soft and lightweight material. It is hollow and fits comfortably in your ear, blocking out unwanted noise and ensuring optimal rest. Available in 4 signal colours yellow, orange, green and orange. Earproof Sleeper is the perfect aid for individuals with unique sleeping or working schedules, such as artists or shift workers.

Order now and get a 20% discount when you purchase Earproof Sleeper together with Earproof Performer music earplugs. Don’t let noise interfere with your sleep or rest any longer. Order Earproof Sleeper today for only 129 euros and enjoy uninterrupted and peaceful sleep.

From  129,00