Safe surfing

Covid-19 is unfortunately still in the air, but so is spring! In the spring you want to go outside, for surf enthusiasts, the surf season starts with spring! Most surfers know that a set of earplugs to protect your ears is a must. Surf earplugs protect your ears from cold wind and water and prevent a common condition: Surfer’s ear.

At Earproof you can choose from two types of surf earplugs: a generic Surf earplug with 20db attenuation and a custom made Surf earplug with 5db or 20db attenuation. Both types of earplugs offer optimal protection against the cold waves and the bleak wind.

Earproof Surfer earplugs Surfing is a great sport. To surf as long and safe as possible, it is wise to wear Earproof Surfer earplugs. These earplugs come with 20db filters, which protect against water, wind, and loud sounds of big waves. You can also use them for hearing protection during a concert or festival!

Earproof Surfer custom earplugs Are earplugs that cover your ear canal and part of the auricle especially for surfers to protect the ears from water and the overwhelming sound of wind and waves, they come with 5db or 20db filter. The 5db filters take away the wind and pressure of the waves and allow you to communicate with other surfers. The 20db filters take the wind and pressure from the waves away and you can also wear them as hearing protection at a festival or concert. The Earproof Surfer is made of a special soft material that is comfortable to wear, floats on the water and includes a fixed cord.