Safely attend a concert of 103dB with earplugs.

Recently, the standard of 103dB, established by stages, concert halls, and event organizers after approval from the Ministry of Health, has come under discussion.

Indeed, when you attend a concert or festival, it is crucial to prioritize hearing protection, as we have been advocating for 16 years. Wearing earplugs reduces the sound to a safer level. However, sounds from 80dB can already be harmful. It’s no coincidence that staff working in environments with sounds above 80dB are provided with hearing protection.

But how harmful music between 80 and 120 decibels is depends on various factors. Where are you positioned relative to the speakers? How long and how often are your ears exposed to music? And do you also give your ears occasional rest?

103dB is safer when you always wear earplugs with at least 15dB attenuation.

103dB sounds fine when you opt for good music filters.

103dB can be sustained when you choose comfortable earplugs.

But more importantly: take regular breaks from loud music, avoid standing close to the speakers, and listen to signals your body gives.

Did you know:

  • All Earproof music filters are individually acoustically tested by a robot?
  • All Earproof earplugs are certified as hearing protection!

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We love listening to music. Why is that? When we listen to music, our brain produces dopamine. That gives a good feeling. And when we like something, we want more of it. In the case of music, maybe we turn up the volume a bit?

How loud is too loud?