Earproof Sleeves (One pair)

From  2,00

Step on the dancefloor with colorful earplug sleeves made for all Earproof filters: Dance, Concert, or PRO.

Pick your size and color, our earplug sleeves are your secret weapon for a perfect night out, the ultimate mix of comfort and aesthetics.

Check our size guide and product specifications!

With your new Earproof Earplugs Sleeves, enjoy Your Music Your Way.

From  2,00

  • ✓ Fitting All Ears
  • ✓ Optimal Comfort
  • ✓ Optimal Protection
  • ✓ Breathable Material


Earproof Sleeves

Step on the dancefloor with our Earproof Earplug Sleeves made for all Earproof filters: Dance, Concert, Max, and PRO.
  • Revolutionize Your Sound Experience: Break free from the ordinary with Earproof earplug sleeves. Our array of sizes ensures a custom fit because, when it comes to music, one size does not fit all.
  • Pick your Color: Our tips aren't just about unparalleled comfort; stand out with our selection of colors - Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Black, and Transparent. Pick the shade that reflects your style.
  • Amplify Your Beats: Designed for the raver and concert lovers, our tips are engineered to enhance every beat and melody. Our Earproof Sleeves are designed explicitly for Earproof Music Filters.

Pick the Perfect Fit for Your Earplug Sleeves


To learn more about how music affects your ears and why a proper sleeve will make the difference, check out our Guide about Hearing Protection

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