Sleep well

Now that we are all at home, we try to get used to the Corona-lockdown. Sometimes it works out just fine, the sun shines & the blossom blooms. But sometimes you get annoyed by the imposed restrictions or the noise that children or other housemates make. If you can’t get a good night’s sleep, you can get completely stressed!


You lie restlessly in your bed because of all kinds of disturbing sounds. Snoring partner, humming household appliances or non-stop city noises. Foam or wax earplugs often irritate.

Earproof has a “full block” sleep earplug that protects against external noise while providing maximum comfort. Our sleep earplug is made of medical TPE and is therefore soft and comfortable to use. The earplugs are available in different sizes (S, M, L, XL) so there is always a perfectly fitting earplug! The sleep earplugs come in a container where you can store them.

Safe surfing

Covid-19 is unfortunately still in the air, but so is spring! In the spring you want to go outside, for surf enthusiasts, the surf season starts with spring! Most surfers know that a set of earplugs to protect your ears is a must. Surf earplugs protect your ears from cold wind and water and prevent a common condition: Surfer’s ear.

At Earproof you can choose from two types of surf earplugs: a generic Surf earplug with 20db attenuation and a custom made Surf earplug with 5db or 20db attenuation. Both types of earplugs offer optimal protection against the cold waves and the bleak wind.

Earproof Surfer earplugs Surfing is a great sport. To surf as long and safe as possible, it is wise to wear Earproof Surfer earplugs. These earplugs come with 20db filters, which protect against water, wind, and loud sounds of big waves. You can also use them for hearing protection during a concert or festival!

Earproof Surfer custom earplugs Are earplugs that cover your ear canal and part of the auricle especially for surfers to protect the ears from water and the overwhelming sound of wind and waves, they come with 5db or 20db filter. The 5db filters take away the wind and pressure of the waves and allow you to communicate with other surfers. The 20db filters take the wind and pressure from the waves away and you can also wear them as hearing protection at a festival or concert. The Earproof Surfer is made of a special soft material that is comfortable to wear, floats on the water and includes a fixed cord.


With Corona, hygiene is one of the most important things we should all keep in mind. It can make a difference whether someone gets sick yes or no. At Earproof, hygiene is always “on-top-of-mind”, before someone gets custom fitted earplugs, we have always cleaned our hands with a professional hand gel. At festivals, our entire crew does this before anyone gets generic earplugs adjusted to the correct size.


New: Earproof COVID-19 Hygiene shop

Otavita® is the brand of professional handgel that we have been working with for years and is now included in our range. Hygienic hand washing is now possible for everyone according to DIN 1499 without water. The hand gel is not only antibacterial, but also effective against enveloped viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2 & COVID-19). Shop OtoVita® Professional Handgel.

In addition, you will find disinfectant wipes for cleaning your earplugs and cleaning spray for disinfecting your workplace, both from the Otavita® brand in the Earproof COVID-19 hygiëne shop

And off course we offer facemasks. The face masks comply with EU standard FFP2 and are suitable for wearing on public transport, shops, other public areas & at work. From 1 June, face masks are mandatory in public transport.  

Sharpened hygiene-measurements at Earproof

Earproof will start measuring custom earplugs again. We observe the following hygiene measures for this: from now on we work with gloves on and a facemask on. It goes without saying that all our measuring equipment is cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after fitting and the workplace with Otavita® cleaning spray.

We can be reached between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on +31 (0) 10 261 4038 to make an appointment and to provide information about our new hygiene products. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Origins of Earproof

Pioneering Ear Safety in the Music Industry.

by Peter van Galen, Founder, Earproof

As Earproof marks its 20th anniversary, it’s an opportune moment to look back at the path we’ve traveled. The origins of Earproof in 2003 weren’t just the start of a company but the beginning of a revolution in ear safety for musicians and concert attendees.

Explore our innovative products.

The Genesis of a Sound Revolution

Our journey started with a challenge. The earplugs available back then were far from ideal – they were uncomfortable and did little to cater to the acoustic needs of the music industry. This led to a crucial question: How do we safeguard our hearing without sacrificing sound quality?

This question became our mission, especially when we uncovered unsettling facts in the in-ear monitor market – expensive products made with cheap components. It was clear; our industry needed better, and we were determined to provide it.

Check out our latest earplug technology.

Earproof: The Name That Changed Everything

Our search for the perfect brand name was meticulous and thoughtful. Learning the concept of ‘soundproofing’ applied to the music studio, we landed on ‘Earproof.’ It was perfect – clear, direct, and embodied our mission. We established Earproof in 2004, and it has since become synonymous with quality sound protection.

Breaking Taboos, Building Futures

Around the same time, we experienced the shocking realization that expensive in-ear monitors for artists like Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber were made with cheap components. Our mission had and still has two critical components: shattering the stigma around hearing damage and providing high-quality sound through our products. Looking back over the past 20 years, we’re proud to say that Earproof has not only achieved these objectives but continues to innovate in the realm of sound safety.

Special 20th Anniversary Offer

As we celebrate this milestone, we’re excited to offer you a special deal. Enjoy 20% off across our website! Use the code 20YEARSOFSOUND at checkout to claim your discount.

Offer available until the 20th of January.

Thank You for Being Part of Earproof

We’re deeply grateful to you, our community, for joining us on this incredible journey. Here’s to continuing our commitment to safe, high-quality sound experiences for many more years to come!

Peter van Galen CEO EARPROOF Picture

Peter van Galen

Founder & CEO, Earproof.

Stay Tuned with Earproof

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Peter about Living with Tinnitus at ‘Sophie in the Mental Wrinkles’

On October 9, 2018, around nine o’clock, my phone exploded. “Peter, you’re on TV!” We quickly looked up NPO3… The program Sophie in de Mentale Kreukels was broadcast. A few months ago, during a meeting in the Vlietland hospital during the ‘Week of the Ear‘, Sophie Hilbrand made recordings for her series ‘Sophie in de Mentale Kreukels.’ This broadcast was dedicated to stress-related mental disorders, including tinnitus.

I’ll come into the picture with a few short statements about living with tinnitus, a condition I’ve had for a number of years. I have now learned to deal with this constant high-pitched ringing in my ear, but it is and remains super tiring.

In the days that followed, I noticed that the people who had seen the broadcast all had the same questions. I will try to answer this below. Just to summarize everything.

Peter and Sophie about Living With Tinnitus and Music Earplugs, on NPO3.
Peter and Sophie about Living with Tinnitus and Music Earplugs on NPO3.

Conversations often start like this:

“I didn’t know that you had a ringing in your ear. I never heard you talk about that.”
Indeed, people who have a tinnitus condition do not flaunt it. I also try to deal with it as little as possible because it is difficult enough to hear such a high-pitched whistling sound in your head all day long.

Do you always hear this tone?

Of course. It’s never quiet. Not when I eat, not when I travel, and not even when I sleep; the beep is always there—deadly tiring, as you don’t really wake up rested after a good night’s sleep. The brain is constantly producing this signal, and the brain reads this tone as a signal of danger, so it creates constant stress!

Is that why you started Earproof?

No, that’s not the reason. I have to be honest, it started after, but this beep has motivated me to continue with even more. Everyone should use earplugs to prevent tinnitus or hearing damage as much as possible.

What does your beep sound like?

That is not easy to describe. Have you ever had a high-pitched ringing sound in your ears after a night out? So! Comparable to the tense sound of an old tube television: high, loud & f***ing irritating! Every time I walked out of the Roxy Amsterdam, I had a ringing in my ear and head. “Had a great evening,” I always thought, not knowing that you can also experience such a beep 24/7.

Where does a tinnitus beep come from?

This tinnitus is caused by a disturbance in nerve transmission. The functionality of the hair cells is damaged, and they forget their function. As a result, the brain does not know what to do with the sound and starts producing the sound itself, also known as ‘phantom sound.’

Can it be cured?

No, not as far as we know. Sometimes, complaints can be reduced, but they do not disappear completely and you have to live with it. Our credo is to protect your ears so you don’t get into trouble.

Living with Tinnitus, doesn’t it drive you crazy?

No, not anymore. I have accepted and embraced this beep. It belongs to me now. But when I am carried to the grave, I really hope for a “and then it was quiet.”

Really, if I had known that wearing earplugs helps prevent irreversible hearing damage and living with tinnitus, I would have paid ten million. The least I can do now is at least save ten million ears. Hence, our mission is ‘Saving ten million ears’!

Learn more about tinnitus and preventing it.

Decibels at Giraffe Coffee Roasters

We met Michael van der Beijl from Giraffe Coffee Roasters. On a sunny day he was delivering coffee at Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam.

After his tour, he stepped into the Earproof office to talk about decibels at Giraffe Coffee Roasters and earplugs.

At Giraffe Coffee Roasters, it smells fantastic, but they make a lot of noise… so many decibels that Micheal and his team’s hearing can be damaged.

Together with Peter from Earproof, we went looking for the best earplugs. Michael tested a few different types of filters and opted for an earplug with a 20db attenuation. With Earproof Earplugs, Michael protects his ears optimally, but most importantly, he can still communicate with his colleagues.

Check out Michael roasting coffee at .

Now, all staff at Giraffe Coffee Roasters protect their ears with Earproof earplugs. Ideal at work for high decibels but also for concert or festival

Depending on the loud sounds, duration of exposure, type of music, and other factors, we recommend damping between 15 and 25 dB.
Read our blog post on choosing the right attenuation.

In our webshop, you will find all types and sizes of earplugs.
In loud environments and amplified music events, we recommend our bestseller, the Earproof Dance 20db.

Contact our experts via Mail for personal advice.

The Surfoloog: “The Best Earplugs for Surfers”

Ronald the Surfoloog about the Earproof Earplugs for Surfers:

“Man, they are expensive, but they are really fantastic. To have these custom made you have to drop by in Rotterdam. That is also the reason why they are relatively expensive. It takes quite a bit of craftsmanship to make a good mold. and then have it made into a cap.”

“I can say with certainty that this is my favorite surfing earplug of the moment.”


Earproof Surfers are earplugs that cover your ear canal and part of the auricle, especially for surfers, to protect the ears against water and the overwhelming sound of wind and waves.

With these custom-made earplugs, you can choose 5dB or 20dB filters. The 5db filters remove the wind and the pressure of the waves and ensure that you can communicate more easily with other surfers. The 20db filters take away the wind and the pressure of the waves, and you can even wear them as hearing protection at festivals and concerts.

The Earproof Surfer is made of a special soft material that is comfortable to wear, floats on the water, and includes a fixed cord.

How to Choose Your Perfect Music Filters

At Earproof, every sound matters, from the deep bass of an underground club to the acoustic strums of a cozy jazz café. With our range of music filters offering attenuation from a gentle 10dB to a powerful 25dB, finding your perfect sound setting has never been more exciting.

Personalize Your Sound: The Right Attenuation for Every Beat

Choosing your Earproof filter is like curating your personal sound experience. Whether you’re grooving at a jazz bar or jumping to the beats of a rock concert, the difference in just 5dB can transform your auditory experience. Your hearing preferences, along with your favorite music genres and lifestyle, guide you to your ideal sound setting.

More Than Protection: A New Way to Experience Music

Earproof filters are about enriching your listening experience. These aren’t just earplugs; they’re your personal sound enhancers. By reducing ear-drum pressure, they allow you to hear music with more depth and clarity, from the subtle notes of a folk song to the dynamic range of hip-hop.

Stay Energized, Stay Connected

In the midst of sound and fury, Earproof earplugs help preserve your energy. By managing sound levels in loud environments, they enable you to keep your focus and enjoy longer sessions of music, work, or socializing without the usual sensory overload.

Meet the Versatile Heroes: 10, 15, 20, and 25dB Music Filters

Each filter in the Earproof lineup has a story to tell, a role to play in your auditory journey. They’re designed to match your dynamic lifestyle, from chilled-out indie gigs to exhilarating festival nights.

Sound Tailored to Your Life

Your filter choice should reflect the soundtrack of your life. Think about the varying soundscapes you inhabit – we have music filters for every occasion, every genre, every moment. And if your sound needs are as varied as your playlist, why not have a couple of filters on hand? Swap them out as easily as you switch between songs.

Experience the Difference in Person

If you’re still pondering over the perfect music filters, why not experience them firsthand? Contact us, or better still, book an appointment for a live demo. Feel the music with each filter and find your match.

Read more on How loud is too loud.

10dB Music Filters 


  • Listening to acoustic music without concessions on audio quality
  • Background noise, where you want to have some attenuation while talking and listening, is your main activity (restaurant, bar, meetings…)
  • For people with sensitive hearing


  • Acoustic musicians and vocalists, teachers

jobs like

  • Teachers, for example indoor sports, dentists, flight attendants


  • Acoustic performances, a restaurant with very bad acoustic, theater or cinema


  • Takes down approximately 10dB of the original sound
  • 10db is not enough to be certified as hearing protection!

15dB Music Filters  


  • For amplified sound environments where you also want to communicate


  • DJ’s who preform 2-3 hours and need to be aware of the sound pressure
  • For onstage playing with your amplified instrument in a band

jobs like

  • Production professionals who use a walkie-talkie for communication


  • Concert, theater or cinema with amplified sounds


  • Reduces approximately 15dB of the original sound
  • The minimum hearing protection for music that reaches the limit of 103db (on average)

for a period of 2-3 hours

  • Mainly in the back of a venue or relatively far from the music installations. or an outdoor event

20dB Music Filters  


  • Most used protection for loud music, hearing people is still possible but talking gets more difficult from this attenuation and upwards


  • For drummers, dancers and other live performing artists who are used to wear hearing-protection


  • Dancing a whole night on dance music, listening to many performances a day on a festival


  • Reduces approximately 20dB of the original sound
  • Standard hearing protection for music that reaches the limit of 103db (on average)

for a period of max 5-6 hours

  • Mainly in the middle of a venue or to the music installations

25dB Music Filters  


  • This attenuation gives you maximal protection with an optimal audio experience.
  • The best option for people with damaged ears like tinnitus

jobs like

  • Production workers and HORECA staff who need to be concentrated over the whole evening
  • Painters, builders, and other professionals who are exposed to loud sounds daily will maintain their hearing over the years, and they are still able to hear the radio transmissions.


  • Front row ravers, concerts of heavy metal & hardstyle


  • Reduces approximately 25dB of the original sound
  • High hearing protection for music that reaches the limit of 103db (on average)

for a period up to 8 hours

  • The best protection is if you’re standing near the sound system. Or small venues with poor music installations

5 reasons why you should protect your ears with earplugs

We give you 5 reasons why you should protect your ears with earplugs.

  1. Tinnitus! This will disrupt your daily life. Constant ringing in your ears that won’t go away. Trust me, you’re not waiting for that.
  2. Music sounds better and you get used to the earplugs. Truly, once you’ve got the right earplugs, music sounds purer and you can enjoy it longer, without irritations or worries.
  3. Nowadays good quality earplugs are not super expensive and if you take care of your earplugs, you can even use them for years.
  4. With the keychain container you attach them to your keys and will have them with you, always! It has never been so easy to protect your ears properly.
  5. What did she say? I can’t hear her! Don’t be this person. If you keep ignoring your ear irritations, with time you will become more and more deaf. You’ll be that person in the room always talking super loud. Who wants to be that person right?

Loud noises can cause hearing problems, starting with ringing ears and tinnitus. After a nice evening with a lot of loud music, dancing and chatter, the next morning you can experience ‘ringing ears’. The more this happens, the more you’re at risk that this ringing will stay. This is the first stage of tinnitus. And this can go on and worsen, until you have proper hearing damage. Moreover, ongoing noise can cause stress, which is bad for your health and loud noise can elevate adrenaline levels, álso bad for your health. Tinnitus can cause extreme distress, poor concentration, sleeping problems… I can keep going. Do you need more reasons to protect your ears?

Don’t be that dumbass and get those earplugs!